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SDG Systems - AutoLoad

Ricoh G700SEAn application that integrates memo lists, picture renaming, and picture upload into a single application. The memo lists may be optionally downloaded from a CSV file on a server. SDG AutoLoad may be customized to your specific application through contract development or purchase of the source code.


GeoSpatial Experts - GeoJot+

Turn your rugged device, smartphone or tablet into field data collection tools.  GeoJot+ is an annual subscription service that enables your organization to easily capture field data on mobile devices using geotagged photos, automatically upload them to the cloud, then process them back in the office creating reports, maps and database input for ESRI, Google Earth and more.


GeoSpatial Experts - Photo Link

Allows users to digitally map their photos and generate reports in word, html, and .pdf formats. The pro version also allows users to integrate their photos into a Geographic Information System. Download brochure for more information.


ExtraWave - DataMax Manager

Streamlines back office image-based workflow routines through utilization of the G700 and G700SE's memo fields in conjunction with this back-end software. Once the workflow is configured, the software automates the back-end processing of images for filing and offers information-rich images for viewing.